Yeelight work with Google Home


Could you help me out with connecting my Yeelight Lamp to Google Home.
No matter how many times I try to add Yeelight Actions in Home control, they don’t get added.
At the bottom, it says “Yeelight Actions account successfully linked,” but nothing really happens.
Thank you


If you are using Yeelight bedside lamp, then you can’t use it with Google Home.
If you are using China Mainland server, then you can’t use it with Google Home.


Can you tell me your device type?


Yeelight Bedside Lamp…


@coasterli HI
Up until yesterday I worked with Amazon Echo, yesterday I installed a Google Home device and I noticed it is not possible to dim a bulb from off state directly
Meaning, on Google Home, a turned off bulb must be first turned on and only then it can be dimmed.
On the Amazon Echo it’s not like that and I can say ‘dim x to 10 percent’ and the bulb will be turned on with 10% brightness.
Is it a known issue ? Any fix / workaround ?



I can’t get Google Home to add my colour Yeelight. I’ve selected Home Control, add Yeelight, sign into Yeelight with Mi Account using Chromium, get “Linking your Yeelight actions now”, but no Yeelight shows in the device list. Xiaomi account is 1758024771. I have tried many times :frowning: I’m using the Singapore server from Australia. The Android app works fine, so does local network control. Just Google Home is my problem.


What type of your devices?
color bulb or bedside lamp?


Could I turn off the light after a certain time? When I am going out for the night, I wish it could turn off itself like 1 min after I say the magic phrase, since I need time to put on my clothes and shoes.


I keep getting the message
“Unable to update. Please check connection”


Do you use WiFi or 4G?


Sorry, Google Home not supported this feature.




You connect again, I look at the request log.


I’ll try now


I didn’t find your request log.
Can you try it on another phone?


I’ve already tried again on a Galaxy S7.

Here’s the list of things I have tried to do to troubleshoot.

  1. Reinstall Yeelight App
  2. Reinstall Google Home App
  3. Restart router
  4. Factory reset the Google Home
  5. Tried on a different device


Can you take a screenshot of the error page?


you can use IFTTT for that



That’s the problem with Google Home APP, if you need, you can send me your GoogleHome and xiaomi account password, i use mine mobile phone sync devices to help you, you change the password after success.