Yeelight work with Google Home


That’s basic command, I think it should be supported.

You can drop a mail to for help.


Apparently there is some update coming that forces to relink devices


I need your help. I’m trying to add Yeelight lamps that I have in Google Assistant but I cannot find them. I’m guessing it’s related to the fact that I’m connected to Mainland China server. I wouldn’t mind changing to Singapore but then I will have another issue that I will not be able to see my Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner (I can see it in Mi home only if I select Mainland China). The app can only connect to one server so I will loose the connectivity to the Robot by changing server. I thought about another sultion but I don’t know if it will work. If I’m adding the lamps in Yeelight app instead of Mi home and select Singapore there will I be able to separate between the lamps and the Robot?


That’s how i use it too, i use my mi home app for my xiaomi devices that are connected to mainland china, and i use yeelight app for my bulbs connected to singapore, but i cannot use my switch to control the bulbs anymore. Hoping one day we can add everything on the singapore server.


You can switch to Singapore server in MiHome app and connect all your Yeelight devices. Then discover and control those device with google home.

After that you can switch back to Mainland China server, your robot will still be there.


Unable to connect to google home.

  1. Google Home app -> Menu -> Home control -> Add Device
  2. Select yeelight -> sign in
  3. Give permission
  4. Loading
  5. Jump back out and says “you haven’t added any devices yet”.

I’m using a yeelight ceiling.
It is working fine with the yeelight app on my iPhone.
It is connected to China server.


Sorry! China server not support, please connect to Singapore server.


I keep having issues connecting the ceiling light to yeelight account when I select Singapore account.

I have detailed all the problems and steps taken to demonstrate that on a separate thread. You can refer to the following:


Hi there!

Any chance we can turn on/off favorite colors or even recommended colors as we see in the Yeelight app? Thank you


You can create a scene bundle with favorite or recommended colors which google home can discovery it.


Thank you! It’s not working for me. But I’ve been reading a lot and it seems you need to use the native integration. I’m not using it. I control my Yeelight using Home Assistant.

If I use the native integration I need to set the server to Singapore. In that case I lose the automation provided by Mi Home (I have door sensor, which I couldn’t use then).

I guess I’ll have to wait.



I have set up my Mi Desktop LED Lamps with the Yeelight app and have added them to home control in my Google Home app. This worked without any issues before, but I changed to a new wifi network and set everything up again. Now I am still able to control the lamps with the Yeelight app, but when I try to use voice commands, I get a message saying the lamps haven’t been set up yet. Any ideas? I am on the correct server (Singapore).


Did you resynchronization devices in google home app?


I have unlinked and then re-linked my yeelight account in google home


Right, has the synchronization been successful?


Unfortunately no.


Please tell me your xiaomi id, I help you log your request.


Sorry I meant to say it appears to be successful (i.e. the lamps appear in the Google Home App), but voice control does not work still


Tell me your xiaomi id, let me find out why not work


I got it to work. I just had to reset my Google home