Yeelight work with Google Home


Any Luck guys ?


No luck. Just spoke to Google again. Yeelight team should check their SLA’s and impose penalties on Google. If it were up to me Goggle would be having a Lawsuit on their hands by now. Its been 5 days. Either Google has no staff or they are really stupid to identify the problem.


Still no luck, still stuck with the same error… come on it has been days.


yup, this is my first try at Yee bulbs, sad that i cannot even connect them.

Bought some Osram ones today… work fine first time with home


As we have mentioned in the other thread, google has confirmed there was a bug on their side. We have been waiting and pushing them, no luck so far. Will let everyone know once there is any update from google.


To everyone who have been suffering Yeelight actions outage:

We are very sorry about this issue. We have checked everything on our side, everything looks normal.

And google has confirmed it was their bug and they were working on it.

But unfortunately, there was no update in the passing four days.

We totally understand how badly you feel and we feel exactly the same way.

We will push google harder to provide some update of this case, at least some root cause analysis.

Please watch following thread to get the latest update.



It working now. Please try. The linking is possible now.


Yes, we have fixed that issue. For details, please refer to this:


Hi, I’m in Australia and I still get the issue, pkus when I try add to add the bulb to either mi home or yeelight app, it loses connection at the 50th second.


Yes, it is working now.


All good now! is there a way to update new scenes and bulbs in google assistant-home database without unlinking and linking again? I am asking because in amazon echo it is possible.


We’re contacting Google to get this feature, please wait for our good news, thank you!


Any ideas to chance the scene in Germany? The German translation of activate scene didn’t work for me.

Would be great if you could do multiple chances with one sentence: turn on the light and dim it to 10%

That’s impossible isn’t it?


good to see its fixed, i was able to link last night.

Pitty you decided to blame google for the 5 days it took you to find the problem in your code. Lets hope future responces are a little better from you guys.


We blame Google for a reason not a excuse.


Yes, it is not supported now.



Google changed something on their side without any notice, even without document update.

What do you expect we could do for the case like that?

Attach the email replied by google, which confirmed they FORGOT updating their document:


But changing a color scheme should be possible in German?


Still not working for me In the UK. I get the error saying. Couldn’t update the settings. Check your connection" error

Please help


It may be caused by network delay, try pulling the refresh on the add device page.