Yeelight won't connect to extended Wifi, Can only connect to router directly

Hello, Just wanna ask if anyone here has the same problem, I’ve been trying to set my yeelight for a couple of days. I even try some troubleshoot based on what i read in thia forum
But my yeelight cant seem connect to my extended network, it can only connect directly to my wifi router.
I can only connect it once and it says my signal strength is 1% ( That’s why i know my yeelight only connect directly )
Anybody here have the same problem?
Sorry if this have been asked before.

Oh and I use mainland china server ( I’m in Indonesia )


Please help

Can you set different SSID for your extended network and try again?

I tried and it works!!!
never actually thought of set different SSID.
Thanks a lot Coasterli!
You made my day