Yeelight white wont turn on, but is connected

Just looking for some help, my yeelight white wont turn on. it has connected successfully, but will not turn on at all. Thanks in advance! -Paul

Hi Paul, does the bulb not turn on by App or power off/on?

Thanks for the quick response! The bulb wont actually turn on at all. However the app does connect, and allow me to use the functions as if it was on. Also i have tried resetting the bulb, using the light switch.

It seems to be a hardware issue. Could you ask for a refund or replacement from the retailer?

ok, I was thinking the same thing. I believe it is still within the refund period. Thanks very much for the awesome help! I really appreciate it! Best of luck

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Does another bulb work in the socket?
I turned my lamp off with the switch once and of course google home couldn’t connect with it.
I turned it back on and asked if my light was on. Google Home said “Yes”. Voila, working again.