Yeelight Toolbox


Movie mode works with anime too :joy: . Thank you


it’s not detecting any of my 2 strips an 7 lights. tried on 2 computers, firewall is disabled. home assistant can see them. Any suggestions?


Your program can’t find any of my lights. I am able to use Fluxee with no problems whatsoever.


Did you do that ?


Of course I did that. Like I said: “I am able to use Fluxee with no problems whatsoever” It also needs LAN-Control enabled.


v1.2.3 published, check the changelog


I can only use with the notebook connected via wifi, when I am using the network cable, even in the same network, the bulbs are not found. Is there any way to change this? Thanks!


Update: Only the 1st gen bulb are not find thru ethernet cable. All 2nd gen are OK.