Yeelight switches off after reset, very frustrated (ceiling light)

Last night my wifi went down for an hour (fucking ISP…) and ever since none of my yeelights works anymore, so now i’m trying to set them up again but my ceiling light keeps switching off right after I did the 5x on/off reset.

I was happy with the product till today, but now I am just frustrated and wasted a lot of time.

When you do 5x on/off, can you see the ceiling lights on? When you finished the 5x on/off reset, do you mean the light won’t be turned on? Or just change from on to off?

It turns on for about 2 seconds after it flashed, then it turns off.

I fixed it myself yesterday but it really took me hours. The Fix was: unplug the light from the ceiling socket while switch is OFF, replug, turn switch on and do not reset it anymore, it (for some reason) was still possible to reconnect it with my amazon echo device.

thank you for replying anyway tho.