Yeelight Strips: Connection timed out

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I had earlier completed the setup for 16 sets of yeelight strips, together with 2 ceiling lights and 2 colour bubs in my new home and tested the connectivity with google home and all 20 was working well and can be operated using voice commands. However, after a week where i disconnected my router to enable further renovations, the entire set of light strips can no longer be found and that only leaves me with my ceiling light and bulbs connected. Even when i reinstalled all the apps and did a full reset, the light strip devices can be found but the connection is always timed out. Please advise how I can get them to work properly again. My MI account is 1732087995. Does the server choice matter in this case?

Which server did you use? Before and after you disconnect your router. Did you change your ISP vendor?
BTW, "the entire set of light strips can no longer be found " what does this mean? You can’t find the light strip in your app or you can’t find your light strip in Google Home.

I am using the China server now. I was using the Singapore server earlier and the previous app version as well.

The light strips are always offline in the earlier app which i deleted to restart from scratch.

I can find the light strip in the yeelight app when i try to add a new device but i cannot connect to it as it always get timed out. I have not connected to google home at this point.

Did you reset the bulb and ceiling lights and re-connect to China server too?
Please switch your account to Singapore server and try to add light strip again, we will take a look at the log.

Changed to Singapore server ( this means deleting and reinstalling the app right?) and trying to connect 34:CE:00:8B:17:FC now. Connection timed out as usual.

To switch to Singapore server, you don’t need to delete the App, just go to settings and set the locale to Singapore.
Now, could you see this MAC address on your router’s DHCP list?

Yes, i can find that string in the DHCP list of my router ( I am using google wifi). Should i assign an IP for it?

Did you see IP allocated for this device? Could you post a screenshot? The full name listed is yeelink-light-strip1_miio57478063

It seems the traffic towards the cloud server is blocked. Could you ping and ping

request time out for

able to ping 64 bytes @ 7ms on average

Request timeout for means the light strip is not able to connect with the router… That is so strange!!!
Have you changed your router?

DO you have a WeChat account? We may assist you do some live debugging.

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Appreciate the prompt responses! Setting up Wechat now. How do i find you?

Wechat ID: 18669790817