Yeelight Strip not connecting

I am using a Yeelight Strip and it is not connecting to my phone. The Yeelight is able to connect to my wifi as its name is displayed in the DHCP client list. In the application, during the setup, it is not able to get past the step “Updating connection status” and eventually the connection times out. I have tried reseting it a couple of times but it still does not work. My wifi does not have any special key in the password and it is configured on WPA/WPA2. I am using the latest application too. I have tried using a hotspot too but it still does not work
Regards Yoosha

Hi, sorry about the issue.

1、Could you post the ping result of "”、"”、” and”?
2、You can have a try with changing your router’s DNS server to instead of using automatically allocation?
3、BTW, which country do you live?