Yeelight Strip Issues with server

Hi I recently got a Yeelight Strip and I have been getting server issues. It started when I used IFTTT to scheduled an applet. I was on the USA server when I setup the Yeelight strip. The Applet however used the Singapore server instead. Not long after setting up the applet a could not see recommended scenes, create customize lights or schedule anything. Since this happened I tried resetting my light strip and deleted that applet from IFTTT but nothing is working. I believe this is a server issue.

Please help.

Now I am on the Singapore server but i’m still getting the same problem. How do I fix this?

Devices are separate in different servers. You should selected the same server which has your device in.

I know that now thanks. The problem with me not being able to see recommeded scenes or make custom lights apparently fixed itself or someone on your end did something.

But now I have another small issue. When I apply my customized lights to a created scene it doesn’t work. It works when I preview it but not when I make a scene out of it.

when you face issues with the server host you can c0onatct with server host error they provide the service realted to it. the main of the server host is to provide the satisfaction to their customer.