Yeelight strip animated

I love the yeelight strip and the flow mode but i feel like it could be so much more. such as a colour that runs from one end of the strip and back and changes once it reaches the end or a wipe for eg if they were all red and then one by one each led would change green along the strip untill it was all green.

could this be possible in a future update?

I am afraid not. All the beads in strip are controlled by one chip’s pwm output.

Yeah, unfortunately not with the strip as it is now. That would require changing to individually addressable LEDs on the strip. Far from impossible, but the cost would likely rise a fair bit for the added complexity. If you’re technically inclined, and don’t mind putting some code together yourself, there are ways to make your own light strips using generic ‘pixel’ strips and a small arduino/esp8266 wifi board. But that’s far from an out of the box solution, like the Yeelight strips.