Yeelight starting to break?


My Yeelight now only turns on after the third attempt. I need to press the light switch three times. After the first and second one the bulb just lights up in a dim red for a second.

I could upload a video later if that’s any help. Anyone had this before?

I’m guessing I should try to reset it again, but I just did that a few days ago and have multiple phones & IFTTT connected.


Did you turn on “auto state saving” option? In that case, if you turn off the bulb by App, then you need to toggle the wall switch twice to turn on it.

Indeed I have. Is that a new thing? I could swear that this wasn’t the case a month ago. I always had “auto state saving” activated, but only now did I realize that I can’t turn it on with one press anymore.

It should probably make that very clear in the app when you turn on the feature. Otherwise people might suspect their light is faulty. Why is it set up like that anyway?

This is a short description for this option in the app, maybe it’s not clear enough.
It’s designed for users who may occasionally experience power outage.

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