Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


Already on, I don’t know when it will be released on Tmall.


I finally got my first RGB bulb V2.
But I noticed that inside the MiHome app does not display the switch to on and off, as can be seen in the image.
Does anyone know if it is possible to change this in some menu?

Mi gateway on Singapore server

Just got my Gen2 White bulb… everything working great :slight_smile: Just to add some positive feedback :slight_smile:


in the app mi home do not appear the v2 bulbs unlike v1, they are on singapore server


I have them on china server


How much is the Yeelight app responsible for google home/assistance integration? I can change the light to “Sunset” or “Sunrise” with voice commands, but pretty much every other recommended scene does not work. Favorites also seem to be non-responsive to voice commands. Colour, brightness, off and on work though. Any ideas, anyone?

I have never owned a first generation bulb, but I do hope that everyone has their criticisms of the new bulb considered by the Yeelight team. I personally purchased this bulb because of the low power consumption that was given before release. I’m still happy with the bulb.


Guys, what is the ID of the new V2 color bulb? I know white one is “ct_bulb” but I don’t know the color one.


I’ve got mine few days ago, 4 RGBW V2.
Really good light bulb but the red is not so red, and the minimum brigthness is too bright :sunny:

Can this be fixed in a next firmware release ?


Hey guys. Either I am blind or I am missing something but where can I purchase Gen 2 bulbs? If that helps I am in Europe/Poland.



AliExpress has them:




you can try gearbest too


is there anyone willing to update us on a firmware release date?


I bought a few of the newest RGB colour bulbs and love em! Is it in the pipeline that multiple Yeelight bulbs and strips can eventually synchronise with music and whatever that appears on the TV and computer monitor.

I know Philips Hue is already able to do that with Razer’s software on PC and plan to expand it further, I absolutely love how Philps Ambilight and Dreamscreen work to give an immersive viewing experience.

Can the new bulbs and upcoming strip be able to do this? If yes, will Yeelight introduce a special hub to synchronise the lighting or will you do something completely different to achieve the same result?

Right now, I think you guys are the biggest competitor to Philips Hue. Your price is your advantage, but if you can match or better their tech then it would be awesome. Cheers


there’s no information of voltage on aliexpress, can anyone confirm that V2 remains 220V?




There is an API that means you can sync with music or anything you want. And yes the new bulbs conform to this API!


Gearbest has them (at least the White) on Flash sale, not in the G-W-4 (Poland) warehouse yet but shipping drom Hongkong should be fast.

Check links for actual prices / flash deals:

Or try Banggood. Again prices might be lower than shown in the image post:


Seems Google Home is now working with V2 RGB

How about that Homekit support?


Homekit coming soon.


anyone from Yeelight staff willing to give us an estimate on the firmware update with all the color accuracy fixes?

it has been 2 months. can you PLEASE show some respect to your customers instead of just treating them as beta-testers?

in case you don’t remember what i am talking about…
red is not red… you have to turn off the white leds
same goes for other colors too.