Yeelight RGB Bulb and regular switch

Hello everyone.

I want to buy the Yeelight RGB Bulb and use it in as a bedside lamp with a regular “on/off” switch.

But i have seen on the internet different topics saying that the lamp is not meant to be used that way.

Now i have a question :

If i turn of the light with the switch, when i turn it back on with it, will the lamp restore it’s previous state ( for example red if i choose red in the app ), will it go to it’s default state or will it stay off until i turn it back on with the app ?

I have also seen that if you turn off the light with the switch, it will desynchronize from the app, and you will need to do the setup process again. Is it true ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

The lamp goes to white light with 4000k, 100 brightness if you turn on the light with the switch by default. However, if you enable “Automatic state recovery” in “Default State Upon Power” from setting page of the bulb, the bulb can remember the state of “ON” and “OFF” state but not the previous state of “ON” state.

If you have connected the bulb to the cloud, you don’t need to setup the process again if your route SSID or Password are the same.


Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

I’m reassured about the cons of “connected lighting”, I was thinking it was more restrictive than that !

What do you mean “Connected lighting”?