Yeelight remote not pairing

Hey guys,

i have bought a yeelight but the remote pairing is not working. I have done a M+OFF after switching the light on but the remote light is only flashing constantly, not the yeelight itself.

Accessing the yeelight via the MI app is working without any issues.

any further ideas how to connect the remote or to test if the remote or the yeelight is faulty ?


Turn off the light (ceiling?) with a physical switch! You must pair it withing 1 minute of being turned on.

Correct, this made me crazy when I configured remote for the first time. If dalanik’s advice doesn’t work, just reset the lamp, and then immediately try to pair your remote.

The first time I tried pairing my remote with my colour 1s bulb it didn’t work, and now my remote is always in paring mode if i press anything, but if I hold down off and m to try the pairing process again the light goes blank.