Yeelight only local WIFI - without internet connection?

Dear Yeelight staff,

I bought 12 pcs Yeelight RGB lamps for the new flat.
The product is really great, all the lamps works fine.
The lamps are directly on the 230V power supply, no wall swithes installed. ( I want to use smart xiaomi switches with Zigbee protocoll)

I have not yet internet connection in the flat, How can I use the functions only with local WIFI?

Thank You! Regards, Joe


Hello Joe ,
In case you’ve found a solution, could you please share it.
Thanks in advance,

buy a xiaomi gateway and then you can use it via lan with switches, etc.

a raspberry pi as a server to control all your yeelight through lan
and couple it with the xiaomi gateway integrate other xiaomi smart product without the hassle of singapore or china region server limitation

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OK. I 'll inform You.