Yeelight on Public Networks

Hello, I currently live in university halls where we have public access (shared) network, however we do have a secured network as well, the problem is that when you are connecting to a secured network it asks you to provide your username and password. This is a big problem because in a setup process the app only asks for a password so obviously I am unable to provide the username and lightbulb therefore fails to connect to the network. The alternative network is shared and does not require a password so I am unable to use that as an alternative. For the time being I am using a hotspot on my tablet, however after a few minutes the bulb becomes unresponsive which is understandable as the hotspot does not provide a continuous network connection, only when it’s in use. I was wondering if there is something I could do about it? I wanted to make a moodlamp out of the lamp that I bought from ikea combining it with this bulb, and obviously that would work perfectly in a home network, however if there is nothing I can really do, I could at least I suppose change the colours using my hotspot as required, it’s just annoying not having a full functionality especially as I have an echo device from amazon so it’d be even better, the moodlamp controllable by voice (new product idea haha). Also as a suggestion I would like to point out that setup process could be made similar to the one found in amazon echo, all I had to do is to add the mac address into my device list on web form and during setup process through an app, I think you only have to specify the wireless network and then connect to echo’s network, and then it just copies all the details from this network that is currently on your mobile device which is why problems such as providing a username don’t occur. Thank you all for your help in advance.