Yeelight not working with Alexa Groups or Routines?

Although they work individually, I can’t get Yeelight Colour LEDs to respond in any Alexa Groups or Routines! I’ve disabled and re-enabled the Alexa skill and logged out and back in of the app.

Same issue here, I made a video of the routines menu too here. Noting shows up when you go to the bulb menu.

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I made a post about the routines a few days ago. It did work first and then the blank page issue occur. None of the staff have made any comments yet though about this as far as I’ve seen. It’s obviously not an isolated issue.

Scenes work with routines though, so you can set up a scene in the yeelight app with whatever bulbs you want and then use a routine command to turn them on or off.

I haven’t experienced an issues with groups (I don’t have that many bulbs) but have just went into Alexa and found that my group for all the lights had disappeared. So looks like something funny is going on there too.

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Fixed! Checked Alexa app and discovered all Yeelight Scenes were listed as offline! So deleted them out of Alexa app by clicking forget, then did discover devices. Re-added them into the Alexa groups and they’re working again! :grin: