Yeelight not working after a few commands

i need help with my Smart Bulb (Color):
the problem is that after a few commands in the Yeelight Actions App (Android 7.1) the bulb stops form receiving any command… sometimes after 30-40 seconds the light listens to a single command, after that it returns to be stuck again.

The biggest problem is in Google Home / Google Assistant: i can connect the Yeelight account and see the Bulb, but if i try to execute a command the assistand answers me : “an error has occurred and I can not control this home device”.

I’ve tried on Singapore, German and US Servers (i cannot use Mainland China because Google Home does not support it). I can ping all the servers by my router, except Singapore’s one (although it works for a few commands :dizzy_face:).

Can you give me some help?

I’m an Italian user FYI

Thank you in advance.

I suggest you select Germany server to connect the bulb.

After you connect your device to Germany server, please provider your Mi account. @yusure please help with GH issue.

The bulb is already connected on Germany server, my ID is 1831942276.

Thank you!

First, please tell to GoogleHome “Hey Google, sync devices”, when it response sync successful, try control bulb by voices.