Yeelight not past the loading 100% page. Please help

Hi there, I am unable to connect my new yeelight led colour.
I have tried using the yeelight app on iPhone and it goes through to trying to connect to the yeelight wifi and was successful the first time, and got to 25% then got to the page with a big red X. On second app empty after restarting iPhone and resetting the bulk I was unable to connect to the yeelight wifi as it did not appear.
Then I tired the MiHome app and I was able to connect to the wifi and it loaded to 100% but then goes back to the reset page. This process is stuck in a continuous loop. Can you please assist me at connecting my yeelights.

Thank you.

I just tried to go through the same process and whenever I try a second time to connect (enter my wifi detials, connect to yeelight wifi, get to 100%, it then asks me to reset again, and then i have to enter my wifi details, and then the yeelight wifi does not appear anymore)

I believe my mi number is 1696007051 if that helps.

You can try MiHome or Android phone.Is your mi id correct?

Hi I have tried MiHome app and same situation :frowning:

I check my wifi. Connect to yeelight wifi. Get to 100% then it says reset again :frowning: what am I doing wrong?

Very sorry. So late to reply. Please setup a hotspot with your cell phone and have a go.