Yeelight Mi Bedside Lamp and Scene Management


I got the new Bedside Lamp a few days ago and I have a lot of trouble with the Scene Management or the Scene Selection from IFTTT.
When selecting sunset/sunrise, when creating the scene, the lamp turns to a color flow mode instead of the sunset/sunrise action. Same problem when IFTTT triggers the color change option to sunset or sunrise.

Firmware Version: 1.4.8_155 (latest on Singapore Server)
App Version: 3.0.06
Server: Singapore Server

Sunrise and sunset are actually color flow.

Yeah well I know that. But it is always switching to a certain color flow with blue, green, yellow and orange also very annoying… Trying to give you a video or something…

Okay Now made a Video. I did with the Dev Options on so you can see pretty good, that I clicked on the Sunset Action and it looked like it was working. But when selecting the scene it turns to the weird color flow.

I uploaded it to OneDrive here:!AmHqVHyTw3lrlTl7Gd0oJ2YN07T9

Scenes are not supporting sunset, sunrise etc.
They say it will be fixed.
Good video for example how bad this bug is.

This has been fixed now I assume?

Yes, it is fixed in version 3.1.00.