Yeelight Led Ceiling Light SE

Hello, If you see go to the Mi Home to add a device manually, it shows the Ceiling Light and another version that’s called Yeelight LED Ceiling Light SE. Is Yeelight working on a Special Edition of this Ceiling Light?

Yes, a low cost version. Same ID, dimmable only. All other functions are same.

It’s time to resurrect the topic: latest firmware 1.5.5_0027 almost broke the lamp: random WiFi drops, time lag in automation (3-8 seconds). Sometimes I can’t control the lamp, so phisical turn off is required. Is it possible to fix this errors in new firmware? Thanks, guys.

There’s new firmware to fix the issue, if you want to test it you can leave your Mi ID, I would add you in the white list to update firmware.


And it works! Thank you.

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please whitelist my id 1756556323