Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 “Turn Off” and “Moon mode” issue

If you press the OFF button on the remote control, the lamp does not turn off completely, the light remains as in “night mode”. Also, in night mode, the brightness is not regulated. As with the remote in the kit and with the application Yeelight.
please give a solution, read that Board, please send operating cost, address will provide you.

Link to video:

Hi, sorry for the problem, this is a known issue. Please contact your retailer for a replacement or refund.

Contact with the seller is problematic. Maybe I could repair the lamp myself.
please send me the replacement fee by yourself, so as not to spoil the impression and your reputation and Xiaomi reputation, Thank you for understanding.

I feel so sorry about the issue.

I contact my colleague about the issue. But it’s inconvenient for us to send abroad, and we need disassemble a new lamp to get the board. So please contact your reseller for a replacement or refund!

Thank you for understanding.

Hi. Connected the ceiling by using yeelight app on an ipad with a LTE hotspot from my iphone. It works until i close the hotspot. Then the lamp is offline if i switch to my home WiFI and also if i use the app on my Iphone with LTE as well. Means only Online if i go over the hotspot. Any idea ?

Sorry wrong post

Contact with the seller is problematic, for this reason write to you, to solve the problem with marriage, in addition, if you send me fee, then I will understand what is marriage and write on the forum to help people who have the same problem, so that people could repair their own lamp. Thank you for go to meet your regular customers.

Why are you ignoring me?!

Please contact your reseller for a replacement or refund!

I have a similar problem. When turned off, the lamp continues to glow as if at minimum brightness in the lunar mode but a little dimmer. Apparently the problem is known. The lamp was purchased on the site Aliexpress in the current month. I live in the south of Russia, in the city of Maykop. Are there any solutions to the problem without sending the lamp back to china? Perhaps there is a cause of the defect and it can be eliminated by itself? Or is it possible to send a new control board? If necessary, I will provide information on the lamp and video or photo of the described defect.

I have the same issue. Can’t return back kids destroyed the package (. Can the moon light be disabled totally?