Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 "Turn Off" and "Moon mode" issue


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OK, so after a month I still got no information about the replacement procedure. Does anyone have information which elements are malfunctioning?
It is really upsetting that I cannot use the “smart” in the smart lamp.


I think I might have similar issue. When I turn lamp off on remote or application, it still emits some light. Much, much less than in Signite’s video, but it definitely isn’t completely off.

So my question is: It’s an issue, or normal behavior of this lamp?


Hi, my issue with 650 ceiling is that when it is off and I open app and tap ambilight folder (wanting turn on only led strip) than suddenly Main lamp switches on simultaneously. Is it a bug??? I dont like this behavior. I also can not turn the ambilight by long pressing On button on the remote without turning on the main light. I have to short press On(swith on main light), long pres On (switch on Ambilight) and short press off (switch of main light). This is not goot too. :frowning:


How my lamp works:


This is a hardware issue, please contact your retailer for a replacement.


Sending it back to Gearbest will be costly, and they want me to pay for it. They Proposed me 28$ partial refund… I think I will go with some “smart wall switch” solution, but it will be definitely more expensive than 28$. Or if there is a way to fix the hardware by myself, I would kindly ask you for informations how I can do it. ( I’m a woman, but an engineer too :wink: )


I bought 6 lamps 650 . 3 out of 6 were defective. Do not turn off like the others. Gearbest offers to send all non working chandeliers for replacement. But the shipping is expensive + I don’t have the packaging from the bulbs. HELP ME , I spent a lot of money on lamps, and 50% of the lamps not working. dingyichen really need help, I live in Russia, Moscow. I can send any photos to confirm their words. :sob: