Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 "Turn Off" and "Moon mode" issue


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OK, so after a month I still got no information about the replacement procedure. Does anyone have information which elements are malfunctioning?
It is really upsetting that I cannot use the “smart” in the smart lamp.


I think I might have similar issue. When I turn lamp off on remote or application, it still emits some light. Much, much less than in Signite’s video, but it definitely isn’t completely off.

So my question is: It’s an issue, or normal behavior of this lamp?


Hi, my issue with 650 ceiling is that when it is off and I open app and tap ambilight folder (wanting turn on only led strip) than suddenly Main lamp switches on simultaneously. Is it a bug??? I dont like this behavior. I also can not turn the ambilight by long pressing On button on the remote without turning on the main light. I have to short press On(swith on main light), long pres On (switch on Ambilight) and short press off (switch of main light). This is not goot too. :frowning:


How my lamp works:


This is a hardware issue, please contact your retailer for a replacement.


Sending it back to Gearbest will be costly, and they want me to pay for it. They Proposed me 28$ partial refund… I think I will go with some “smart wall switch” solution, but it will be definitely more expensive than 28$. Or if there is a way to fix the hardware by myself, I would kindly ask you for informations how I can do it. ( I’m a woman, but an engineer too :wink: )


I bought 6 lamps 650 . 3 out of 6 were defective. Do not turn off like the others. Gearbest offers to send all non working chandeliers for replacement. But the shipping is expensive + I don’t have the packaging from the bulbs. HELP ME , I spent a lot of money on lamps, and 50% of the lamps not working. dingyichen really need help, I live in Russia, Moscow. I can send any photos to confirm their words. :sob:


I have the same problem, if I press the OFF button on the remote control, the lamp does not go out completely, it will remain as in “night mode”. Also in the night mode, the brightness is not adjustable. As with the remote in the kit, and with the application Yeelight.


Please contact your retailer for a replacement, it’s a known hardware issue.


Hi Signia, How did you disassemble the lamp, please ?


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I have the same issue too. I ordered it from China. How I can fix it locally? Please help

p.s. who resolved it earlier … could you describe how?


Hello, how did you dismantle the lamp? I have same problem. How can I cut off the moon light?


Bought the lamp unfortunately same issue. Cannot go for refund kids destroyed package. Can you send me necessary info what to change on the circuit board. Also how to disable the moon light totally without touching ambient and normal light.


Did you fix your lamp ? How???


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