Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 Surrounding Ambient Lighting. Does not turn off the light completely

Good day!
Thank you for a wonderful product.

But I faced a problem, my Lamp does not turn off completely when you turn off the remote control button to off (via the app the same problem). (goes out; as in “moon”)
We must turn Off the switch to completely turn off the lights.
I tried different wiring diagrams power even bought a new switch, the Lamp continues to Shine.

And the second question: is it Possible to make the main light was completely switched off, and Ambient Lighting works?


Hi, I saw from your video and I think this is an issue I have never encountered, so please

  1. Have a check that if the lamp is the latest firmware, if not, please update it and have a try.
  2. Have a reset of the lamp to see if it will be ok by turning on and off five times in a row.

The answer is yes. The action of long press buttons in the remote is for the ambient light. But now it seems that you can’t turn off main light.

Firmware last.
Reset several times to the factory settings.
On the second question, I found how to disable the Ambilight. all the functions of clamping, fast click, and mp works fine!
But the complete cutoff does not work

Please provider your Mi ID, we will have a look at it.


I confirm that this is a hardware issue. Sorry for this disappointing issue, please contact your reseller for replacement or refund.

mi id: 1635558382