Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 it works incorrectly

Hello. I bought a Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 Surrounding Ambient Ligh lamp on the gearbest. The lamp does not work correctly, yellow diodes are always in the mode of the moon, they are not regulated or switched off. What could it be? How to fix it?

Do you mean you can’t turn ambient light off? If yes, it is a hardware issue, you can contact your retailer for a replacement.

The fact is that the original box I threw out, how to send is not clear. Agreed on a $ 50 compensation from the gearbest. Do you have a solution to this problem? I understand that the problem is not with me first and your guys have already fixed this problem, maybe you will share the instruction? I understand well in the schemes and I can use a soldering iron, it will not be difficult for me to solder the th

Sorry about the issue, please contact Gearbest for a replacement.

What kind of attitude to the customers? Why can not you help me? I think for you it will not be a problem. You can send the instruction by email

I understand from you help not wait? Why this attitude to customers? I will write a bad review to Xiaomi

How can they help if it is hardware problem? I know it is impractical, but you must contact the seller, it’s like with every other company even when you buy local… the only thing is that we buy over net from China and then the warranty is a problem… :frowning:

The problem is already known and the solution means the same. What happened in the system? Shim controller or some kind of key? Suggest what and where, shoot a video and share on the forum. There would be a desire and how to help you can always find.

If you have some capacitance or something like that and you can replace it by yourself, I would let our electronic engineer to help to resolve the issue.

Do you have Wechat?

No problem will find the spare part, if you tell me its characteristics. Yes, Wechat have +79506754545. Can you find by phone number? or WeChat ID: dom_dude