Yeelight JIAOYUE 480 Offline ONLY on Yeelight App (Android)

Hello, I bought the Yeelight JIAOYUE 480 some days ago and correctly configured on my Android phone everything worked fine till today. Remote works perfect, the lamp is correctly connected to Wi-Fi (I can ping it from other device), but today the yeelight app show me it OFFLINE. I tried to switch off/on using wall switch, but it is still offline.
I’m using United States server, and my ID on App is: 1744792246

What’s wrong? Is yeelight server issue?

What’s your firmware version? There’s an issue of old firmware may cause the lamp offline.

Thank you for reply, FW ver is: 1.4.8_26

The latest version is in testing, will release very soon. Stay tuned!

Ok, now I reset the lamp, then switched to mainland China server. For now the connection is ok, let’s see what happen in the next days… waiting for FW update!