Yeelight flashed and stopped working

I had my yeelight working perfectly, but one day it just flashed rapidly and kept on. After that I was unable to control it via the app or google home. I tried to reset it several times but it just keeps flashing and changing colors

Have you updated the firmware?

When I first connected it, I updated it to the latest FW, I checked a couple of days before it broke and there was no available update.
Any other advice?
Sometimes the bulb WiFi appears but I can’t connect and it then dissapears.

Is your power voltage 110v?

Yes, it is

Where did you buy the color bulb? If you bought from GearBest, it should be 220v only. Please double check the spec of the bulb.

Ots 220v only, so there’s no way to use it in America?

We used to have a 110v version sold on Amazon and now it is out of order, you need to wait one month for the new generation bulb which is 110~230v applicable.