Yeelight color RGB dead after 2 weeks


I received 2 weeks ago three Yeelight bulbs (2 white bulbs and 1 color RGb) from LITB.

I have no problem for the configuration. Three bulbs connected to the server. I’ve also upgraded to the last firmware.

After 2 weeks,

  • Two white bulbs work fine until now.
  • The Yeelight Color RGB bulb stop working without reason. I can see the bulb in the Yeelight app but i can’t interact with it.

I made a test so you can find in this video (Youtube).

Someone has same problem? Any suggestions?


What voltage is your power? The color version doesn’t support other voltage…

It seems to be a hardware issue. Could you ask for a refund or replacement from the retailer?

The voltage is 220V.

As i said, It’s worked 2 weeks ago but not now.

I have the same problem. After two weeks, my Yeelight RGB stop working. It can’t Connect with the app and i can use It only offline. Also, After 10 min Is Turned on, It becames Crazy and starting to turn on/off continiusly. Anyone Can help me?

Did you use the bulb with a dimmer? Or did you put the bulb in a small place? The flicking is normally caused by overheat.
If not, please contact your reseller for a refund or replacement.