Yeelight color led bulb dimor brighten to XX percent function not working with alexa

I am trying to dim or brighten the yeelight led color bulb to XX percent through alexa,

for exampke Whenever I say the following command " Alexa, Dim lamp to 60 percent" it responds back HMM lamp is not responding. Same is the problem with brighten function.

All other alexa functions are working.

However if I say the command " Alexa, dim lamp" it works.

How can I make it go to a particular percent dim or brighten with alexa voice command

We will take a look today and let you know

Just a quick update.

The dimming function does not work if you say the following command

Alexa, Dim light to 30%

However if you replace the word “to” with the word “by” and say the following command

Alexa, Dim light by 30% - It works . What is happening is Alexa dim’s the bulb to 70% and not to 30%

I find that if I say “Alexa SET lamp to 60” it works. You don’t even have to say percent.