Yeelight color connection tieout

Folks I have tried connecting to bulb multiple times but no luck.
I am on asus ac1900 router and made changes at one place in WAN settings to set DNS server 1= and DNS server 2 =
I tried MI home app too, it goes upto 44% connects to yeelight in wifi and fails at “updating connection status, just a sec” and results in “connection timed out”

could you please advise?

1- reset your bulb -> turn on and off your bulb 5 times ( you see rainbow flow )
2- just connect to your wifi without changing anything
3- close yeelight app and reopen it
4- walkthrough setup instructions
5- if progress freeze dont do anything just wait for 2-4 min
6- close yeelight and reopen it

If you dont see your bulb restart your router and try again

I might have tried this probably multiple times.
also the rainbow flow sometimes occure after 3 or 4 restarts too…

any other suggestions?

what voltage is the power ?

I am in USA, so I think 120V.

Where did you get your bulb? Gearbest or Amazon? Could you please double check the voltage requirement on the package?

I bought from Gearbest. Can someone help what should be wifi router settings.

Your bulb is 220v version, will not work in USA.

Sorry for late reply, when I bought it, it was working in USA, I just changed my location, do you have any settings for Asus router AC1900 that I can try?