Yeelight Color bulbs Do Not Reset! Help!

Ive been trying to reset my yeelight color bulbs ( 3 of them) by trying the recommended sequence of on/off 5 times etc.

The bulbs have been previously connected to the Yeelight app however have changed handsets and need to re-pair.

Nothing seems to be working when trying to reset! No blinking no white light no nothing!

Ive cleared permissions off my mi account and deleted and redownloaded app etc - nothing is working.

Ive tried putting the bulbs in different lamps - nothing!

Tried on/off 5 times and also off/on 5 times with 2 and 3 secs delays in between - nothing!

Tried the on/off directly from the power switch and also from the lamp switch - nothing!

Please help!

I’ve seen someone saying that going thru the Mi Home app and pair, then unpair your bulb from there, allows you to pair again on Yeelight app.