Yeelight Color Bulb V2 not appearing in Mi Home on Singapore server

Hi everyone,

It’s my first time posting on this forum, but I’ve been using Yeelight bulbs for the past 2 years and absolutely love them - even going so far as to try and develop my own software for controlling them (the developer mode and documentation are really nice).

I recently got a couple V2 bulbs from Gearbest. They’re really nice and indeed a bit brighter than the older generation. However, these bulbs do not seem to appear in the Mi Home app. I’ve been using the Xiaomi gateway with the V1 bulbs (both white and RGBW) on the Singapore server with no problem. However, I can’t see the V2 bulbs at all even though I have added them via the Yeelight app - so I can’t run automations and turn them on/off using the Xiaomi wireless switches.

Has anyone run into this issue?



We need to push Xiaomi to put V2 bulb in their App, please stay tuned.


Thanks Weiwei! Looking forward to good news on this :slight_smile:

Let’s hope we can add the bulb V2 to Singapore server soon, using Mi Home!