Yeelight color bulb goes offline after few minutes


I bought 2 yeelight color bulbs which I added successfully to the iPhone Yeelight app.

Now 1 light is working perfectly while the other one is only working for few minutes (in which I can control it correctly via the app) but than goes offline and I´m unable to connect anymore.

Only after I restart the router the bulb is found but looses than again connection after few minutes. I did few times a reset of the bulb and added it again to the app but the same issue keeps happening.

Since my other bulb works perfectly I don´t expect it´s a issue with my router or network but something with the bulb. Any ideas how this can be fixed?


Hi, poinzie

Is their firmware version same, If not, please have a update and then have a check.
If yes, maybe you have connect too many Wi-Fi devices to your router, and make it a bit unstable, you can have a test like these:
power off the good one, and only connect the offline one, check if it will be offline
make your phone as a hotspot, and connect the offline one to the hotspot, the server should be choosed Singapore.

Hi Shilinwang,

Yes both are on 1.41_48 and the server for my account is Singapore.

I tried both test you mentioned:
power good one off, still the bad one is going offline after few minutes
make phone as hotspot, i connected the light to my hotspot succesfull and again few minutes I’m able to control it however than it becomes offline in my app. I used it with 2 different phones

Somehow I have also the feeling the light becomes much warmer than my other bulb. So only after it became ‘colder’ Im able to to connect again after restarting WiFi via router or hotspot via phone.

Hi Poinzie,

Did you put the bulb in the same place? Could you switch the physical position of them and try?


Hi Wilson,

Thanks for the good tip!

Unfortunate again same behavior. Seems after all test it should be probably something related to the bulb itself…


Where did you buy it? Could you ask for a replacement? If that’s not working, you can send your receipt to and we will take a look and see if we can provide a refund.