Yeelight Color automatic gradually dimming during the evening


I was thinking it would nice if my Yeelight bulbs gradually getting less bright or less white. Say starting 100% in the begin of the evening and say about 25% brightness at the end of the evening. I prefer it to do with a group of lights. I know groups in Yeelight applets are not possible. Maybe using scenes, like i did with the sunset applet I made using WU and Yeelight applet?
Is there a way to do that? Or can you make an applet voor Yeelight?

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Yeelight application 3.0 will release new feature of personality light, which will meet your requirement. please be patient, app will release soon.


Thank for your reply.

Soon, omg, what will be soon :slight_smile: Being patient makes me a patient :wink:

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Meanwhile version 3 is released but I do not know I can create gradually dimming

Please have a try with Customization :wink:

Aaah, thank you!
I tried it but it is hard to understand.
Is there a way I can see some samples how to use this customization, Not in math but in a way a user like me can understand :wink:
For example: I want to create a scene for the evening. Starting at 100% brightness at 10:00 PM gradually decreasing to 15% when it is 11:45 PM. What are the steps I have to make?

The Customization has nothing to do with actually time, it has parameter of duration. In you case, you can setup a scene with one hour and 45 mins. Then, you can add a timer(Schedule) use the scene you create at 10PM.

This is a demo for you, you can change each frame’s parameters via click it.

Thank you very very much, now i can start to experiment with it :slight_smile: