Yeelight Ceiling Light Issues

Like many people here, I also encounter the ceiling lights going offline. I have 4 of them and did some testing on them and conclude that the issues lies with the light; possibly firmware issues.

Scenario 1:
One to all four lights shows offline in MiHome app
Remote control works

Temporary solution: Off the light and on using wall switch
Note: offline issues will just occur after a few hours or a few days

Scenario 2:
One to all four lights shows offline in MiHome app
Remote control do not work.
Ping the light on IP do not work

Off and on the light using wall switch in this case do not work.

Temporary solution: Reset the light (off / on 5 times) and reconnect to the app. After setup is successful, remote also starts working.
Note: offline issues will also just occur after a few hours or a few days

Tested a few areas and it does not impact or improve the issue.

  1. Restart the router
  2. Setting a fixed ip to the light using MAC address, IP address is a different range from DHCP so there is no conflict.
  3. In the case of resetting the light, occasionally it fails setup the new connection and have to retry a few times.
  4. When I first bought the light, I get the light blinking after a few days… After updating the firmware to the latest, no more blinking but get the above issue. Version is 1.4.8_173
  5. Connecting to either China or Singapore server doesn’t make any difference.

Now I also got one light died on me. Something is wrong with the firmware and jamming up the remotes as well as the wifi on the light.

We have fixed a bug that may cause ceiling light offline, the firmware is still in QA and will be released in two weeks. Do you have any interest to do a beta test? If yes, please provider your Mi account, i will add you to our ceiling light beta test list. So you can update firmware of your light.

Hi, ok. my id is 269919993

I have one light that stop working, no light when the power is on. Is there anything that can be done?

Have added you in the list, please have a try with new firmware 1.5.5_0177.

What’s about power on some times with the wall switch? Do you disable “Auto on upon power resumption” option in settings?

No, i didn’t disable anything and the light drop offline before it died. So i cant access it.

Does the remote work? Could you double check if it is issue about electricity?

I saw you have three ceiling light in Singapore server with latest firmware version, it seems you have update them all. I didn’t see an offline device from your list.

I have 4 lights, one is totally dead. I had already removed them from the list as when the light is stuck in “device offline” doesn’t get back. It should be totally dead as both the remote and wall switch doesn’t make any difference. Can’t ping it, reset, etc. The electricity is fine as I swap the light to another location and still can’t get it to work. A working light to the faulty light’s location also works. Wiring is also correct as I double check as well as test the electricity with a test pen.

The working 3 lights are all updated to the beta firmware. One of the light was “device offline” before updating to beta. The remote didn’t work and it took several tries after resetting the light to get it connected to the router.

It seems there’s something wrong with the ceiling light. Sorry for this disappointing issue, please contact your reseller for replacement or refund.

If there is any offline issue with the latest firmware, please let us know.

I had the lights ship in from china… don’t think the seller do any warranty after 7 days. anything else can be done?

Please PM your order information to me, I will help double check it.

I bought the lights thru qoo10. what info do you need? I don’t think I can get anything much there.
I ordered them around 12 Oct, receive them around 20 Oct. As my house was renovating, I only started using it late Nov.

so far so good for the new firmware. they didn’t go device offline anymore.

notice a couple of things but no major issues.

  1. If I use the remote to on the light, the app doesn’t register the change. clicking on the app on/off button results in light still switch on. likewise, using the remote to off the light gave the same issue.

  2. there was once which i use app to on the light, remote to off the light sometime later. on the app, i could not access the light menu which allows switching from sun to moon, etc. closing the app and reopen it solves the issue. this is a once off issue and i can’t replicate it.

A side topic, the mi home app shows the temperature at the top and the side shows not located.
I am in singapore yet the temperature showed something like -3 to 2 degrees… I think it is showing china’s temperature. 24 degrees is as low as singapore can get and even this is rare. typically we are 27 to 34 degrees throughout the year… is there anyway to get this corrected?