Yeelight Ceiling Light - Connection Timeout

Hey everyone!
I just got my new Ceiling Light and it looks absolutely awesome.
I was really happy when I got it, but when I tried to connect it with my Yeelight app I wasn’t able to do it. I can enter my WiFi password, it goes up to 100% and after that it says something like “connection timeout”. I resetted it and tried to do 5 more times but I still had the same issue. I’m connected to the singapore servers,because I also want to control it with Amazon Echo. I’m from Germany so sorry for my bad English! I hope somebody can help me, thanks.

Sorry, currently the ceiling lamp on supports China server. So please connect to China server, update the firmware, then update the app (which will be available in about 3 days), then you can switch it back to Singapore server by resetting it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey thats sounds good. I will try it. Thanks for the fast reply. Great products, great Support, great community!