Yeelight ceiling light conection problem

I have 6 ceiling lamps and they were working perfectly for months. we needed to change the wifi company and so the wifi name and paswords. so the lamps needed to be reconfigurated. I reset all of them and delete from the panel. When I try to conect them again it gets to 100% of the configuration and stays there forever. I use mainland server and have other devices and also one lamp in other location that is working. Any idea of how can I solve it? Thank you in advance!

What phone were you using? iphone or android phone?

Hi, thank you for your fast answer,

Iphone, last IOS.

Thank you

could you provide your Xiaomi Account and let us know which server did you choose?



It was all configurated at mainland.

Any news? it´s being a bit uncomfortable as we also have some the lights controlled by moving sensors. Thank you again.

Could you setup a hotspot and connect the ceilings thorough it?

thanks for your response @weiwei There isn´t a central computer there, so it would mean we can´t manage the lights from other places wich is important to us. Why do you think we aren´t able to conect them? is something app related withh the ios?

No, it looks like a network issue. Do you have another phone? You can setup a hotspot on it and use another phone to do the connection.

Ok, I´ll try a Xiaomi router that we have. or manage them with other phone. Thank you!

Thanks for trying and let us know.

Hi @weiwei I used the xiaomi router and It worked but once the connection passes the 100% and I get the screen to select the room the app crashes. Any guess? or I need to be lucky with the following update of the app?

Thanks again!

Are you using Yeelight app or MiHome App?
I will let our iOS engineer to take a look.

Could you please give us a snapshot of crash?

Hi again, I’m using an Iphone 6 plus with IOS 11.1.1, hard to give a capture, it just shut down when it arrives to the selection of the room at the mihome app. Finally I discover it closes but the light is already linked so a bit more work but I´ve been able to reconect all the lights and they are working now.
Thank you for your attention and hope it helps anyway.