Yeelight ceiling led lamp

I’m from Singapore and have bought 2 YEELIGHT Ceiling Lamp 2 weeks back.

The new lamps taken out of the box were just installed but currently the house currently still does not have the WIFI set up yet so we are using it as a conventional LED lamp via normal wall switch.
While testing it, we have a problem, when we switch on using the normal wall switch, it came on in warm light, then we switch off and then on again like any other LED lights, it change to cool white colour but keeps blinking.

What is the problem and how to solve it?

Can the Yeelight just work like a conventional LED lamp using normal wall switch without connecting to WIFI and operate via the remote control?

I think, that blinking is mode for pairing with WiFi network.

Do you have paired remote with OFF+M?

I haven’t got the chance to pair the remote yet, will do it tonight.

By the way, does anyone knows whether the Yeelight will just work like a conventional lamp if not connected to WIFI; Just by normal wall swocth and/or remote control?

You only power on light with wall switch and then press a hold OFF+M on remote for about 5 sec. Then will remote blinking and automatically pairing in about 60 sec. Next you can control your light via remote AND aslo with wall switch.

thanks S474N4S, will try it out tonight.

Hi S474N4S, I have tried yesterday, and pair withe the remote. However, there are 2 things I found peculiar:

  1. Using the normal wall switch, when i first switch on it is always daylight tone, when i switch off & on again; the colour tone never change, still daylight. i thought the colour tonne should change when you on & off the switch?

  2. I also discovered that when i switch on & off like 5 times, on the 6 times, the light will blink. why is this so?

appreciate your advice. thank you.

  1. when you switch it off/on 5 times, it resets, that’s why it blinks