Yeelight Ceiling Lamp Unable to connect to Singapore Server

Hi Yeelight team. I recently received and setup my Yeelight ceiling lamp. But i am unable to connect the lamp to Singapore server. After resetting the app and connecting to China server, the lamp connects fine and i am able to use the app to control it. It’s just the Singapore server that i am having issues with. Is there any solution to this? I have tried both yeelight and mi home app.

Sorry, current firmware and app doesn’t support Singapore server yet. Please wait for our update, it should be available this week.

That’s great! Can’t wait for the update. Thanks for the great support!

Hi Weiwei,

We have yet to receive any update for the Yeelight Ceiling (Singapore) server

Do let us know if there is any update on it?

i can confirm the ceiling lights now works with singapore server … can be controled by google and alexa

Hi mousqy,

Yea, I got mine resolved and it works fine, just that there are so many apps out there, I was confused by it

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