Yeelight Ceiling Lamp (Offline)

Trying to Amazon Echo (Alexa) to control the light but it keeps showing offline.

It works normally on the MiHome App under China server.

Firmware is 1.4.8_168

I am in SIngapore

you need to switch your light to Singapore server in order to use Alexa.

Hi WeiWei,

Thanks for the quick reply, hownever I am using the ceiling light which only works on China server right?
If i change to Singapore, the connection will be lost?

No, either server is OK

The momen to change the locale to Singapore, I cannot see Yeelight Ceiling under the devices, nither can I add the device in

You need to reset your ceiling lights too

HI WeiWei,

If i reset my ceiling lights, under Singapore Server i cannot see the devices to add the device in?

Or u mean my account must be in singapore while i connect to the china server?

Are you using Yeelight app? You won’t find ceiling light in Mijia App.

Thanks WeiWei!

Got it resolved, just very confusing when you got 2 apps working the same way for Yeelight products

Btw i want to ask if there is any development on the Bedside Lamp from BLU to Wifi so we can control via Alexa soon?

Thanks for the help!!

Yes, WiFi version (actually it’s WiFi + BLE) Bedside lamp will be released soon. Stay tuned.

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