Yeelight Ceiling 480 Question

I have bought a new yeelight ceiling 480. The problem is that the leds are visible from the side, is this as intended or is my lamp faulty? This is only looking at the lamp from a side.

Any news?

To tell you the truth, I have Ceiling 650 and couple of nights ago I turned it off and just lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling. I could swear that I saw some LEDs lit up just faintly!!! But I was lazy to get out of bed and get the camera :slight_smile: I’ll try to make a photo of it. It wasn’t at the edge but in the middle of the lamp and eventually it stopped after cca 5-10 min (or my eyesight adjusted?) hard to tell w/o photo :slight_smile:

I have both 650 and 480, and I don’t have such kind of issue. Maybe your lamp have some hw problem.

If you see the photo the border of my Lamp seems to have less Paint. So your Lamp doesnt have this issue?

Not at all, I have 2 650 and 1 480 and none of these have the issue you described. All of them are the starry version btw.

Mine is White version

Sorry to hear you are having this problem.

We will look into it and come back to you once there is any progress.

As you can see in the photo the edge seems a little blue and transparent.

Can you remove the plastic dome and take a picture of the inside?

Dear coasterli, all seems to be in place. It´s maybe the painting of the shell?

The shell seems ok when the lamp is off, but when it´s on, it has a blue transparent edge as you can see in my first post.

What version is your ceiling lamp? Starry or White?

And, is that only visible in certain area of the side?

It is the White version. It is only visible in the edge/outer zone of the shell looking at the Lamp from a distance. If i’m sitting below the Lamp, the leds are not visible, but as I say the Edge of the shell seems to have a different colour as you can see in the first post photo(the colour of the shell is not homogeneous only with the light on, thats why im asking if It is a problem with the painting).

It seems you are right. We will look into it and let you know.

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Any news?