Yeelight Ceiling 480 No Power Issue

Basically tried every single wiring possibilities. The old lamp just works fine. But the Yeelight just isn’t turning on after pressing the power. Pressing the remote didn’t work either. Did I get a broken product from Gearbest?

Did other command or buttons work?

Nothing… The light simply doesnt turn on anyway. No power… I tried the old lamp once again in the same socket which works normally

Please double check the power cable.

Also make sure the power pan was not screwed too tightly, which may make the pan distorted in shape and impact the power connection.

I redid the whole installation. Unfortunately the problem remains the same.

We have never get similar problem reported.

  1. Could you please try to push or shake the lamp shade a little bit and check if the lamp could flash?

  2. Please take a picture of the power cable.