Yeelight Ceiling 450 Shut Off Automatically

I got my Yeelight 450 ceiling brightmoon light in Jan 18 and installed in Mar 18. Upon using for a while, with no issues connecting to the app or remote I ran into an issue whereby the light would turn off automatically randomly, 5sec to 5 minutes after being turned on. I attempted to reset the unit but the same issue occurs.

I’ve updated the firmware to 1.5.5_0034 and now it cannot even factory reset. Is this a hardware issue or firmware issue? Any feedback from users or staff would be greatly appreciated.


I do have the same problem after running the latest update the light will auto turn off by itself is it a bug

I’ve the exact same issue here. Would the staff be able to shed some light? There’s no way to factory reset the light at all.

Has your problem fix

@shenj88 @xg3niusx @Ddarko

It is a hardware issue, please contact your retailer for a replacement.

It works before the frimware update possible for us to roll back to the previous one as I ship my one form China yeelight tmall