Yeelight can't connect to new router - connection time out

Hi, so I have purchased 2 yeelight lamps, and 4 RGBW bulbs for my new house.

I set up and tested all of these at my parents house : Router A. All connected and worked well.

Brought them all to my house when ready : Router B.

I have successfully reconnected all the lamps and 3 RGBW bulbs so I know that my ISP is not blocking, and I only use 2.4gHz network.

One bulb always has 99% timeout connection with Router B, even with Singapore or China server. I have reset (on x off 5x) many many times.

However when I brought it back to Router A, it allowed me to connect successfully. When I brought it back to Router B : Failed again. But when I created a hotspot network giving it Router A’s name and password, it connected.

I feel that the wifi settings is not ‘reset’ when I do the switch reset. is there any other way to reset the bulb, or is mine faulty??


What is the type of router B? Apple Router? What is your firmware version?
Let us know, we will try to reproduce this issue.

Hi, router A is Asus, router B is netgear dgnd3700

Firmware version of router? Is the newest update (not sure version) as it auto update when I move house.

That is really strange!! Is your router B and router A two independent router? Or router B is bridging to A?

No, two totally separate routers at different houses. It is just that one bulb that doesnt seem to be ‘fully resetting’. Its only able to connect to the Router A

When your bulb run into that error again, double check if your bulb has connected to your router.

Please also provide your xiaomi id to me, I will look into it.

hi, how do i check for that? When I try to connect the bulb, i can connect to the bulb, then to router, then connection time out at 99%

My id is kza10789

  1. Go to web console of your router, check how many color bulbs listed in your dhcp list.

color bulb device shown as: yeelink-light-color1xxxxxxx

  1. Not your nick name. Shown me your login of xiaomi account.

OK i will have to check the router thing later tonight when I get home.

my login is :