Yeelight Candela

So, the timer of the Yeelight Candela ran out and stopped.
I can’t see any link or info.
Is the Kickstarter project starting today?
Can you provide the link please?

I have the same question…

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@jlmcr87 @Sachin
Hi guys, we have made some changes, new link of Candela is Yeelight Candela .
Good news for u, the device will be launched at Eight a.m.Eastern Time U.S.

You can click “Notify me on launch” if you want to buy it at the first time. Good luck!

coming soon, just in this week

It is open now.

I am backer #12 for the super early bird package… :heart_eyes:

Just don’t understand why shipping to HK more expensive than USA and Europe while shipping to China is 0