Yeelight Bulb (White) App cannot find it

I’ve installed a new Yeelight Bulb (White) and the MiHome\Yeelight apps cannot find it.
I did the 5 times on/off reset, but it didn’t help.

Every time I turn on the lamp it blinks 3 times and then turned on, but I cannot find and add it in the Apps.

How can I solve this? It didn’t happen with a different bulb I have. Maybe it’s defective?

Seems the bulb is in factory mode, pls contact, i will give you an Android application to quit factory.

I did find an Apk on a different post here, and use it and it did fix the problem :slight_smile:
So now everything is working. Maybe you should add that feature in the Yeelight app to fix bulbs that are in factory mode.