Yeelight bulb - send commands from outside LAN

I can send commands to my Yeelight LED Bulb through TCP packets as explained in the Yeelight WiFi Light Inter-Operation Specification when I’m in the same network.
Now I want to send commands from outside my LAN, without using services like IFTTT but communicating directly with Yeelight server.
Is it possible? How?


This is not a Yeelight specific question. It is the same as turn on you Computer from outside your lan.
You need a dynamic DNS to find your router from outside your lan. Then you need to forward the working TCP packet from your Router to the specific bulb with port forwarding. That is all.
You can now send IP Packets to all devices that are inside your lan from the internet.
I don’t know what you mean with communicating directly with Yeelight server.If you want to use the Yeelight Cloud you have to use the App i think but maybe i misunderstand your Question.