Yeelight bulb registration with WLAN not working - Iphone HOTSPOT ist working

Im trying to register my yeelight led bulb over my WLAN @ home. Its not working, always hanging @25%.

If i try to use a Hotspot over another Iphone that connects through the internet over the Cellphone provider, everything works well.

Problem is: How can i connect to the WLAN? I use a Fritzbox router. I did split up networks to 2.4 and 5 GHz network, but it doesnt make any difference.

Can you give me support plz?

Please check if the bulb has connected to your router successfully (by checking the DHCP client list on router). Make sure you select 2.4G network, make sure password is not empty.

Ok. Some more news on my side.

I use a Windows Server 2012 with a DHCP and DNS Role.

When i use the router als DHCP Server my bulb gets a connection and an IP address.
When i use the Windows Server 2012 DHCP Server i don’t get an IP Adress. Hm…
Update: Isn’t it allowed to use a Windows Server 2012 as DHCP Server?
Does the DHCP Server has to end with .1? I really dont know why the device has problems with an external DHCP Server. All other devices on my side, that are in the network, have no problems.

Hi, I just bought a new Yeelight Bulb (Colour) and I’ve been trying to set up the device with the network, but is not working.

Every time I follow the instructions and do everything it asks. (also every time I do that I reset the bulb)
But when it comes to loading screen, it reaches quite fast to the 50% after that it slows down and slowly reaches to 100%, just to say that Internet Connection is timed out.

Also, I think is important to mention that when it reaches 50% the wifi of my device changes to the Yeelights device probably to connect with it. (I assume the wifi of the bulb is not connected properly)

(I checked the router and the Yeelight Bulb is connected)

Is there a way to fix that @weiwei ?

There’s an error happened from cloud server, please have a try. Sorry about the issue.

Thank you very much!

That actually fixed it.

Also appreciate the quick reply, thanks again!