Yeelight bulb + Google Home + Xiaomi Home does not work :(


I am using Yeelight bulb with Xiaomi home - turning off/on with button etc. But I have Google Home too, I found that I can use it with Google Home when I change server to Singapore (Why?). It is not problem but when I change it to Singapore ´my Yeelight dissapear from Xiaomi Home and I can not controll it anymore only with Google Home. When I change it back to China server everything works in Xiaomi Home and I can use button to turn off/on my bulb. How can I resolve it? I want to use my bulb with both Google Home and Xiaomi button.

Thanks for help.

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Google home is only available on us and Singapore server, the Xiaomi Home only works in the China server. I don’t believe it’s possible to have it working all together. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future!

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It’s so frustrating